Dishing out upbeat and humorous folk-rock, the Vancouver-based Cat Murphy Band are here to party!! Founded in 2016 by Kaitlin Deavy and her then “bandmate boyfriend” (hence the song), the band has undergone many lineup changes but has been a solid trio since 2019: Deavy and Mike Sowers on guitar and vocals and Ross Fairbairn on bass. With influences like Mumford & Sons and Taylor Swift, their music feels familiar while offering their own unique spin. They’re known for their quirky and at times touching lyrics and for mixing and matching uncommon instruments, like an upright bass, banjo and kazoo. You can expect them to deliver engrossing stories in the form of song and an immersive and interactive experience at their shows. Their discography spans two EPs, the cutesy and innocent Theoretically Free (2018) with DIY vibes, and the energetic and complex This is our Story… (2020)  ̶  a mixed bag of instruments and genres. Their latest singles include I Want You Back, a surprisingly fun breakup song, and Here For You Brother, their take on the mental health stigma in the age of Bell Let’s Talk. These days, you can check them out in virtual and Vancouver venues. As for how they got their band name, was it a cat named Murphy? A Murphy bed with a cat on it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Download: Cat Murphy Trio One Sheet