Kaitlin & Ross from Cat Murphy Band are applying to Via Rail’s super cool Artist on Board Program! If we are accepted, we will travel across this amazing country on the train, playing tunes for the lucky passengers! Wish us luck!!!

Once we arrive in Toronto, we will continue our journey up to Ottawa where we are playing at the Canada Day Festival in Greely and the Greely Legion Country Music Festival. More Eastern tour dates announced soon!

Please enjoy this collage of musical moments with Kaitlin and Ross.

Below: A song written by Kaitlin about her hometown in Greely, Ontario. It’s called “I Come from a Place”. Ross usually plays upright bass but also plays a wide selection of other instruments too.

Bandmate Boyfriend is a song written by Cat Murphy Band about the oh-so-dramatic history of dating members of the band. Things get a little out of control around 2:38 with the double key-hange-spinorama finish. (Also the battery of Kaitlin’s guitar was running low so we rocked this one with a distortion effect!)


Below: Kaitlin and Ross performing “Houd Dog” at Trees Organic Coffee House, featuring Kaitlin’s signature high kicks.


We found a euphonium in Ross’s basement. Turns out he still remembers how to play it from middle school! This Cat Murphy Band tune is called “Festival Song”

Below is a clip of one of our slower tunes, “Livin’ the Dream”. Its about the ups and downs of being a traveling musician.

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Hi Friends! We, Kaitlin and Ross, got ourselves good ole double header tomorrow (which means today – Friday November 30th). First, we are playing as part of The Douglas College Composition Concert at 730 and will have the absolutely wonderfull Kyla Alexandre singing harmonies with us. We’ll also have the legend himself, Doug on piano (AND HARMONIES!!) too! Then, the two of us (Kaitlin and Ross) are heading out to The Gathering Place in Port Coquitlam for a completely acoustic headlining set at 9:00. It’s gonna a be a doozy of an evening! And just to spice things up: FREE STICKER FOR EVERYONE THAT MAKES IT TO BOTH SHOWS!!!! Here’s a Facebook event for The Gathering Place show: https://www.facebook.com/events/438574319996213/ #woooooooooooo #twofer #doubleheader #doublebass #cmb #theatregig #catmurphyband #bigstage #acousticstage #noamps #sticker #preparetobemeowed

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We have fun in Selfie mode.