“Cat Murphy Band – Crush – Live at the Roxy”

“Festival Song – Chalk Animation”

“Wandering Soul”

A 3.5-minute road trip from British Columbia to Ontario.

“Tale of the Frog”

High-speed sunrises and sunsets filmed in Beautiful British Columbia

“Festival Song”

Live neo-hillbilly music the mountain-forests of British Columbia

“Alone This Christmas”

“Pulled a Hank Snow”


“Breakfast Breakdown Series”

Episode 4: Thanksgiving Breakdown

Cat Murphy Band gets groovy with a gaggle of turkeys after an epic Thanksgiving dinner! Go Jays Go! #ourmoment #bluejays

Episode 3: Pop Mashup

Cat Murphy Band does a mash-up of the 3 most musically distinctive songs of all time

Episode 2: Product Placement

Join the Cat Murphy Band as they mashup some of the world’s most beloved songs over breakfast.

Episode 1: Breakfast Breakdown is Born.

Join The Cat Murphy Band as they mash up some of the world’s most beloved songs!

Whiteboard Lyrical Video